[Osi] compiling on macOS with gcc 8

Antonio Frangioni frangio at di.unipi.it
Tue Dec 18 13:25:58 EST 2018

Hi, Ted.

> Yeah, I put some effort into trying to figure out the compiler error with clang and FlopC++, but it's really obscure and I ultimately failed. 

That's the issue with un-mantained packages. I'd have loved to be able to contribute, but my efforts have been in vain, too.

> The problem you're having with gcc 8 will likely be fixed once we upgrade to a more recent version of the autotools, which is in the works. For now, though, you can override flags, too, when you invoke the configure script. Can you grep in config.status and see what CXXFLAGS is set to?

Unfortunately not: there is no config.status. I grepped every config.* out there but to no avail. It seems configure gives up the ghost so quickly that its does not even get to the point of having a functional status.

It's not particularly urgent, so if the thing will be resolved in due time, I can wait. Yet, if there is anything I can try to come up with a patch that may be useful to somebody else, I'll be happy to help.



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