[Osi] workaround for 64-bit MSVC 2010

victor.zverovich at gmail.com victor.zverovich at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 20:19:28 EST 2013


Please find attached a patch that fixes a compilation issue with 64-bit
(amd64) Visual C++ 2010. The problem is that compilation
of OsiClpSolverInterfaceTest.cpp takes very long possibly never completes
(I interrupted it after 20 minutes.) It seems that the
function OsiClpSolverInterfaceUnitTest after macro expansion becomes too
big for MSVC to handle. The problem only affects an optimized build. This
is obviously a compiler bug, but I haven't found any workaround. Updating
the compiler to SP1 doesn't help.

The proposed patch fixes the issue by moving most of the code from a macro
to a helper function OsiUnitTestAssertSeverityExpected thus making
OsiClpSolverInterfaceUnitTest less complex.

Best regards,
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