[Osi] std::cout and messageHandler() in OsiClpSolverInterface

John Perry John.Perry at usm.edu
Tue Jan 10 10:22:29 EST 2012

> That code is in OsiClpSolverInterface::branchAndBound
> That was never meant to be used in a production environment - Cbc's 
> branch and bound using OsiClp can be orders of magnitude faster.
> It would not take much to rewrite to send to messageHandler, but what 
> are your needs which need to use this particular piece of code?

Thank you for the reply!

Can you indicate how we can access Cbc's branch and bound from OsiClp?

Or (glancing at the code, & thinking of your phrasing) is this where you tell me that we have it backwards: we should call OsiClp from Cbc, and not the other way around?

john perry

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