[Osi] OsiCbc, CbcMain

Matthew Galati matthew.galati at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 14:22:32 EST 2011

It seems that the best way to solve IPs from OSI with CBC is to use:
   CbcModel cbc(*m_osi);
   CbcMain1(argc, argv, cbc);

This has been discussed many times, since OsiCbc/Clp.branchAndBound( )
doesn't do all the tricks and performs poorly.

But, I just noticed today, that CbcModel cbc(*m_osi) works only with OsiClp
and not with OsiCbc. That seems very odd to me - since Osi is suppose to be
the container with which you would hold an IP and you would only drop to
Cbc* when something in Osi does not work properly (similar to dropping out
of OsiCpx to CPX* when something in OsiCpx is missing).

Shouldn't CbcModel/Main work with OsiCbc?

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