[Osi] [Cbc] GLPK version in newest stable OSI

Stefan Vigerske stefan at math.hu-berlin.de
Fri May 1 05:51:09 EDT 2009


> Ive been watching lots of stability fixes and improvements in the last
> GLPK versions (4.37 is the latest I think).
> OsiGlpk in trunk version uses a recent version of glpk, but updating to
> the last stable version of CBC (2.3), which was recently released, it
> comes with an older version of GLPK (4.30).
> Why the inclusion of newer glpk versions was delayed ?

Cbc just does not have the recent ThirdParty/Glpk in the Externals.
You can change to stable/1.5, this should give you Glpk 4.37.
Or you take Osi 0.100.
However, since OsiGlpk uses the older glpk-interface, the feasibility
pump as introduced with 4.37 is not available, except if you patch the


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