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Matthew Galati magh at lehigh.edu
Fri Aug 28 09:20:35 EDT 2009

Ok. Thanks Matt. For the tests I have run so far, my simple fix of removing
all the static vars from OsiCpx seems to have worked. However, my usage for
this case is very simple. I am essentially just solving the same N models on
T threads over and over again with just a minor problem modifications. So, I
think the thread-safey in my case is primarly cplex's - which we know that
part is fine. The main "connector" through OSI seems to be the env_, lp_
vars - of which env_ was static.

I'll definitely keep my eye out for other issues and I'll let you know / add

Matt G

> I'm not sure that thread safety is quite that simple.  You may have
> eliminated some of the obvious races, but it wouldn't surprise me to
> find other hidden ones that don't crop up as frequently.  OSI really
> needs a more comprehensive audit for thread safety, which we are aware
> of and which is on my agenda.
> If you have patches that you think make a good starting point, I'm glad
> to have them.  The best place to keep them is probably attached to a
> ticket.
> Thanks.
>                Matt
> On Fri, 2009-08-28 at 01:57 -0400, Matthew Galati wrote:
> > FYI. If I remove all the references to static env_, version, etc...
> > things seem to work fine now. OsiCpx is then thread-safe.
> >
> > Can this be changed? or at least provided as an option? It is a shame
> > if one cannot use Osi in a multi-threaded environment.
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> > Has anyone successfully used more than one instance/thread of OsiCpx
> > simultaneously? I am trying to do this. Constructing 2 instances of
> > OsiCpx and using standard pthreads, solve two MILPs on 2 threads. It
> > crashes. Valgrind/Helgrind is showing lots of potential race
> > conditions. Looking a little deeper into OsiCpx, I noticed that
> > although I have two different CpxLp ptrs, I have one CpxEnv ptr. In
> > fact, the cpx env is a static variable in OsiCpx. Doesn't this make
> > OsiCpx not thread-safe? Is there any easy way around this?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Matt
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