[Osi] OsiGlpk evolution: is backward compatibility important?

Arno Schödl aschoedl at think-cell.com
Wed Oct 29 12:59:31 EDT 2008

> More generally, for any OsiXXX, how do maintainers and users feel about
> maintaining backward compatibility? If XXX is a commercial solver with
> a fee for upgrades, the question becomes more pointed. This question
> aims to get some feedback for the evolution of the Osi project.

I am of the "change early, change often" camp. If it improves the interface, feel free to make changes. Otherwise at some point we will get bogged down by compatibility molasses. Maybe a recipe how to change existing code to the new interface would be nice, like: instead of funcA(x) now call y=funcB(); y.funcC(x);

In general, I found that most work induced by 3rd party component upgrades is due to new bugs in the component, rather than due to documented changes.

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