[Osi] CPLEX Error 1217: No solution exists

Matthew Galati magh at lehigh.edu
Mon Jun 2 11:15:16 EDT 2008

This might be related to an old discussion...

Using OsiCpx, I do
  getObjValue()  --> returns CPLEX Error  1217: No solution exists

This is just an LP. Earlier issues with caching seem to have to do with 
switching from MIP to LP, etc.

It looks like some attempt to keep cache was already made. Any ideas? If 
needed, I can create a driver program to show this issue.

int err = CPXaddcols(env_, getLpPtr(OsiCpxSolverInterface::KEEPCACHED_ROW),
                      numcols, nz, const_cast<double*>(obj),
                      start, index, elem,
                      const_cast<double*>(colub), NULL );

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