[Coin-osi-devel] Osi/stable testing

Lou Hafer lou at cs.sfu.ca
Fri Feb 2 11:41:34 EST 2007

Matt, Ted, et al.,

	I've checked out the new Osi/stable for these builds:

  * Solaris 10 (Sun Studio compilers)
  * Fedora Core 5
  * Cygwin (32-bit over Win2K)
  * Mingw (cygwin 32-bit over Win2K with --enable-doscompile=mingw; uses
  * Msvc (cygwin 32-bit over Win2K with --enable-doscompile=msvc; uses cl)

There are a few glitches.  For the mingw build, the unit test fails due to
inability to read gzip'd files.  Could be due to some library incompatibility in
my ancient system.  If it's a problem for others, we can tweak BuildTools to
unzip the .mps files ahead of time.  The unit test is fine if I do the unzip by
hand.  For the msvc build, you'll get a couple of `foo.h is present but cannot
be compiled' warnings from configure.  Microsoft and autoconf 2.59 disagree on
how to declare exit().  The problem is fairly deep, and is fixed in autoconf
2.61, so it's not really worth our time to put in patches. There are comments 
and pointers attached to BuildTools ticket #30 (a closed ticket, you'll have to 
dig to find it).

	Remaining environments available to me are SuSE and some variations on
the Solaris build. For others, over to the rest of you ...


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