[Osi-tickets] [COIN-OR Open Solver Interface] #88: Remove config_coinutils.h from OsiSolverInterface.hpp dependency tree

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Thu Feb 11 16:46:55 EST 2010

#88: Remove config_coinutils.h from OsiSolverInterface.hpp dependency tree
 Reporter:  chm.duquesne  |       Owner:  mjs    
     Type:  defect        |      Status:  new    
 Priority:  major         |   Milestone:         
Component:  Osi Misc      |     Version:  0.100.2
 Keywords:                |  
 The OSI public header OsiSolverInterface.hpp includes the file
 config_coinutils.h (via CoinMessageHandler.hpp:17 -> CoinFinite.hpp:9 ->
 CoinUtilsConfig.h:28). This is deprecated and should be avoided. This file
 defines macros like PACKAGE_STRING, PACKAGE_NAME, and so on. When writing
 code that uses autotools and Osi, one has to define these macros as well,
 and thus their macros will conflict with Osi's because of this inclusion.

 The public interface of a library should never include the file config.h,
 which must be considered as an internal header file that is not part of
 the API. It should not be distributed as it causes bad side-effects. More
 info on the autoconf mailing list:

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