[Ipopt] Restoration Failed: abort due to constraint violation

Jan Stampfli jan.stampfli at outlook.com
Tue Jun 11 04:39:55 EDT 2019


I'm using Ipopt to optimize a sub problem in a genetic algorithm (ipopt runs 40-100 times). In some cases the restoration phase is aborted due to constrain violation. Values of the constraint violation are usually around zero (e-15 to e-40). To  prevent this problem I tried to use the option ,,constr_vio_tol'' but it seems to have no effect. As in the documentation written (Absolute tolerance on the constraint violation. Successful termination requires that the max-norm of the (unscaled) constraint violation is less than this threshold. The valid range for this real option is 0 < constr_viol_tol and its default value is 0.0001.) even the default value should prevent the occurring error thus e-15 is smaller than 0.0001. Increasing or decreasing this value has also no influence. Is there any other option I can use to prevent this abort?

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