[Ipopt] Problems linking to IPOPT on 64 bit Windows 10

erik at orjehag.se erik at orjehag.se
Mon Jun 25 08:04:21 EDT 2018

Hi, I'm a little desperate for help. I've been trying to include IPOPT in my project but I can't seem to get it right. I have downloaded "Ipopt-3.11.1-win64-intel13.1" and in my CodeBlocks settings I add

Build options -> Search directories -> include:

Build options ->Search directories -> linker:C:\Users\bt6073\Desktop\Ipopt-3.11.1-win64-intel13.1\lib

Build options ->Linker settings -> Link libraries:C:\Users\bt6073\Desktop\Ipopt-3.11.1-win64-intel13.1\lib\libipopt.lib

But I get a link error when I compile:
C:\Users\bt6073\Desktop\cppad-20180000.0\cppad\ipopt\solve.hpp|496|undefined reference to `Ipopt::IpoptApplication::IpoptApplication(bool, bool)'|

I've attached an image with the full compilation error.

I also tried to compile IPOPT using Cygwin MinGW following these instructions but I always get errors during "make".

Would really appriciate some help, been stuck at this for days... If someone could give me a hand it would be so helpful!

Best regards,

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