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This means that there is some kind of memory corruption/or access issue.
You can spot the root cause of this issue using the stack trace that gets printed with the error. If that does not help, run it through valgrind memory error detector.


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To someone who may see,

	I am currently working on a project written in C++, including non-linear optimization. Therefore, I choose to use Ipopt to solve my problem. However, after installing successfully and make a little changes to the example code, I come across a weird problem. 
	When running on my Mac, everything is fine. The problem can be solved and the program terminated successfully. But when it comes to my server (redhat, linux), it can solve the problem, however it will also print extra information:  “free() invalid next size(fast)”. I am quite confused about what is probably	get wrong. Can anyone help me?

	Looking forward to your reply !

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