[Ipopt] SCIP and Ipopt

Vincent Mirian vince.mirian at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 13:05:43 EST 2018

HI all.

I am new to the SCIP community.

I am looking for a non-linear solver to solve:
- an objective function similar to 0 <= sum over i and j of X_ij * Y_ij *
Constant < max
- with constraints similar to sum(X_ij) = 1 and sum(Y_ij) = 1 (forcing the
values of X_ij and Y_ij to zero or one). A solution would be sufficient (it
can be local or global optimal).

I would need to interface the solver with Java. I found Google Optimization
Tools (OR-Tools) to interface SCIP with java. Note that this work is for
academic research.

- Would SCIP or Ipopt be suitable for my task? Would anyone have experience
integrating SCIP or Ipopt into Java?
- I'm using a machine with ubuntu 64-bit. Are there any issues with
installing these tools in this machine environment?
- What is the manner to describe the constraints and objective function
using these tools?

Thank you.
Vincent Mirian
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