[Ipopt] Using IPOPT with newer Compilers

Chintan Pathak cp84 at uw.edu
Thu Aug 17 20:02:37 EDT 2017

Dear All,

When I try to compile an IPOPT program with C++ interface with Visual
Studio 2017 or G++  5.3.0 (MinGW), I get the 0xC0000005 exception (Access
violation reading location 0xCCCCCCCC. - in VS 2017).  While I do not get
the full exception text with G++, the created exe crashes, and when I see
in the Windows event-viewer, I see the same exception as above with VS

In VS2017, this exception occurs, at the line

app->Options()->SetNumericValue("tol", 1e-6); .

Apparently, this is the first time "app" is used in the program, which is
an object created just a line before:

SmartPtr<IpoptApplication> app = IpoptApplicationFactory();

The overall code is correct, as this works fine with Visual Studio 2008. So
I am guessing the issue is with a newer compiler. I don't know which
version of G++ would this work with.

Any ideas on what is causing this issue ? suggestions for resolution ? What
version of G++ should I try in Windows ? My Ipopt version is : 3.11.2. And
I want to use the newer compiler/G++ as I am getting the "Compiler out of
heap space" error with a bigger version of my NLP with VS 2008.

Chintan Pathak

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