[Ipopt] METIS partition problems in IPOPT for huge amount of data

bui le trong Phuoc builetrongphuoc at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 13:54:58 EDT 2017

Hi all,

--- I am using IPOPT 3.11.9 and also 3.12.5 versions in a machine with 8 GB
RAM and free 50 GB memory, 32-bit Operating system and IPOPT using METIS
version 4.x.. I am currently encountering with running large data when
IPOPT fail to devide the data. And IPOPT stop running with error like this:

" [METIS Fatal Error] ***Memory allocation failed for SetUpCoarseGraph:
gdata. Requested size: -1382763580 bytes ".
--- I found on the coint-ipopt website that "*only the older METIS 4.x
version is supported* by MA57, HSL_MA77, HSL_MA86, HSL_MA97, MUMPS". So, is
this possible to use METIS version 5 (that is available now on:
http://glaros.dtc.umn.edu/gkhome/metis/metis/download) to avoid the problem
of failure partrition for large data when using MA57, MA86 and so on?
And any idea to help patrition huge data successfully?

Thank you and best regards,
Phuoc Bui,

Reseacher at University of Trento, Italy.
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