[Ipopt] clang and ipopt

Stefan Vigerske stefan at math.hu-berlin.de
Fri Oct 14 14:42:08 EDT 2016


these are harmless problems with the Ipopt code and an issue with the 
old autotools that are still used there.

I think I will just make coin_skip_warn_cxxflags=yes the default in the 
next release.


On 10/14/2016 05:46 PM, Brad Bell wrote:
> I am using clang version 3.7.0 (tags/RELEASE_370/final)
> to compile Ipopt-3.12.6
> I am getting a lot of warnings about implicit conversion from signed
> types to size_t. For example,
> ../../../../Ipopt/src/Common/IpUtils.cpp:284:26: warning: implicit
> conversion changes signedness: 'long' or int to 'size_t' (aka 'unsigned
> long') [-Wsign-conversion]
>     ret = vsnprintf(str, size, format, apcopy);
> There are also other warnings. In addition to the fatal error
> ../../../../Ipopt/src/Common/IpUtils.cpp:182:6: error: "don't have
> function for random number generator"
> #    error "don't have function for random number generator"
> When  I add the ipopt configure option
>     coin_skip_warn_cxxflags=yes'
> the warnings and error do not occur.
> Are these warning and error messages a problem with the ipopt source
> code, or a problem with clang ?
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