[Ipopt] Number, Index types

Sean Hardesty sean.hardesty at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 14:54:16 EDT 2016

I am working on optimization problems arising in seismic imaging where the
number of significant digits in the data is small, and the size of the data
is large. It is common practice to use 32-bit floating point numbers for
optimization variables and 64-bit integers for indexing. I see the file
IpTypes.hpp has typedefs for Number and Index. I tried changing Number to
float and got compiler errors because other parts of the Ipopt code use
double interchangeably with Number. I have not looked through the code, but
I can see that there could be issues in interfacing with BLAS and linear
solvers that would have to be handled carefully. Is there a simple way to
make it work with the different types, or is the use of the Number and
Index types more of an aspiration for the future?

    Sean Hardesty
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