[Ipopt] Question about getVariableValues() using Ipopt with Java interface

Karine Ip kabrede23 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 17:17:33 EST 2015


I am totally new to Ipopt, and I am currently trying to use it through the
Java interface. I was wondering if anyone could help with the following

I downloaded jiopt-3.3.2.zip and followed all instructions to create the
lib folder and put it in the root of my project. I tested with the hs071
example, baseds on documentation from Mr Soares from VRTech. There is no
run errors. However, it does not recognize getVariableValues(). Ipopt.java
contains the methods getObjectiveValue(), getVariableValues(),
getConstraintMultipliers(), getLowerBoundMultipliers(),
getUpperBoundMultipliers(). Calling these functions do not work. On the
other hand, looking through the javadoc (jipoptdoc), I found getObj(),
getMultConstraints(), getMultLowerBounds(), getMultUpperBounds() but
nothing performing similar job as getVariableValues().

There should be a function to get the optimal variable values. Am I missing
something here?

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