[Ipopt] Created shared objects for Ipopt using the Intel compilers

Tony Kelman kelman at berkeley.edu
Wed Jul 22 02:29:36 EDT 2015

It could get pretty messy to determine exactly where that's coming from. You 
should be able to find some evidence in config.log, either in the top-level 
build directory or one level down in the Ipopt subfolder, search for 
something like "whether to enable shared libraries" or "whether to build 
shared libraries." There might be some logic either in one of the 
configure.ac, or BuildTools/coin.m4, or libtool files that could be 
disabling shared libraries when using the Intel compilers? I don't have a 
lot of experience using the Intel compilers but I've used MKL a few times 
before and have done more than my share of debugging strange configure/build 
issues. It might help if you could upload the config.log and libtool files 
(both top-level and under Ipopt subfolder) to somewhere like pastebin or 
gist.github.com, so those of us who know what to look for could try skimming 
through them.


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Hi Tony.

> You could try forcing --enable-shared on the configure line. Apparently 
> that gets disabled by something, but specifically asking for it may help?

When I was looking at the 'configure --help’, I saw that this was enabled by 
default (so I didn’t add it).  However, I did try it just now and I get the 
same result: no shared objects.

> Apparently that gets disabled by something

Do you know any more about this?

Thanks for the suggestions … the search continues.

Kindest regards,


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