[Ipopt] Ipopt release 3.12.0

Stefan Vigerske stefan at math.hu-berlin.de
Fri Jan 23 03:39:38 EST 2015


I just created a new Ipopt minor release.
As a .0 release, this should be considered as BETA (i.e., we hope it works).
The increase in the minor version number was necessary due to some 
non-backward compatible changes.

If you are using Ipopt >= 3.11.8 without problems, there is probably no 
need to update.

Here is a list of changes:
- Library dependencies are now recorded in shared library builds,
   which is intended to simplify linking against the Ipopt library.
   However, the pkg-config and ipopt_addlibs files do not reflect
   this change yet (it is rather experimental, imho). To restore
   the previous behavior, use --disable-dependency-linking as
   configure option. In case of problems, contact Ted Ralphs.
- If linking against Intel MKL for Blas/Lapack, use of Pardiso
   from MKL is now automatically enabled. Note, that this will
   change the default solver on Ipopt builds without any of the
   linear solvers MA27, MA57, MA97, and MA86 (these take preference
   over Pardiso). [ticket 216]
- dropped support for old HSL sources (<2013; ThirdParty/HSLold)
- updated ASL sources, now downloaded from AMPL-MP (github)
- some internal changes to data structures (improved use of compound
   component spaces) and addition of IpLapackDppsv (by Gabe Hackebeil)

The source tarballs should be available tomorrow.


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