[Ipopt] error in compile libhsl.dll(continued)

Ma Yongfeng mayongfengz at 163.com
Thu Feb 26 01:57:26 EST 2015

Much thanks for Jonathan.
I know that idamax is a function in BLAS, and I had tested it.

program main
      real*8 a(4)
      data a /1.0D0,3.0D0,9.0D0,8.0D0/
      print *, idamax(4,a,1)
      end program
! end test.f90

gfortran test.f90 -L/lib -lopenblas
It runs correctly.

As for underscores, I am confused, and I have no idea how to correct it. The compilation has confused me for a long time, thanks for any one who help me overcome it.
I am sorry for that I cannot follow the post in the list.

>idamax_ is a symbol that shuold be defined by your BLAS library. Check
>if your openblas is defining it or not using dependency checker or
>similar (it may be that it has more or fewer underscores depending on
>how openblas compilation options).


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