[Ipopt] MC19 not available

1252685 at tongji.edu.cn 1252685 at tongji.edu.cn
Mon Dec 21 10:28:35 EST 2015

Thank you for your help,and I have learned a lot.

And it seemed that I finally solved the problem.The initial value of variables x[1]~x[15] varies a lot,and some of them can be 1000 times larger than the others.So I decrease some of the variables which are much larger by 10 times,and the iteration count decrease from 385 to 38.

But there comes another problem when I want to set the nlp_scaling_method option to equilibration-based so that it can scale automatically.The output says "Currently cannot do equilibration-based NLP scaling if MC19 is not available" .
But I'm solving it with ma27,which was compiled into libhsl.dll using D:\Ipopt-3.12.4\Ipopt\MSVisualStudio\v8-ifort\libhsl-no-MA57. And it should have mc19ad.f compiled inside too.
Will that make mc19 available?If not,can you give me some instructions on how to make mc19 available.

Sorry for my poor english,I hope I have expressed myself clearly.Thanks in advance.

Dongming Jin

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