[Ipopt] Unable to compile ipopt in Windows

Hiral Sanjay Shah hiral at bhelrnd.co.in
Thu Apr 30 03:05:09 EDT 2015

I am trying to compile ipopt source code, 'BASDIR\Ipopt\MSVisualStudio\v8-ifort\IpOpt-ifort.sln' in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. 
I am getting this error: 

error LINK11841: cannot open input file 'ipoptfss.lib' 

I have Intel Composer XE compiler for fortran and C++ installed on my system. 
I have copy pasted the path 'C:\Program Files\Intel\Composer XE 2015\compiler' in 'BASDIR\Ipopt\MSVisualStudio\v8-ifort\Ipopt\IntelPaths.vsprops' file. 
Guide me to solve this problem. 
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