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Sat Oct 11 05:00:39 EDT 2014

Ipopt is able to solve unconstrained problems. It will not be able to solve
your problem though, because it is unbounded. Consider x2 = 1, x1 -->

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>  Hi, everybody:
>   Now I am learning the IPOPT software, Now I have a question. the docs
> give an example of NLP with
>   constraint function. However, if the problem has only object function,
> it does not has constraint function,
>   can IPOPT solve it? for example, I want to get the optimal solution for
> minf(x)=x1*x2+25*x2*x2,but it does not have
>   any constraint function. How can I set Hession information etc?
>   Best Regards.
>   Yours
>       Kaiyan Pan
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