[Ipopt] add IpExpansionMatrix.hpp to coinor-libipopt-dev package?

Greg Horn gregmainland at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 08:57:09 EDT 2014


I'm new to the mailing list and couldn't figure out how to search the
archive, sorry if this is a repost.

I'm trying to make the CasADi project work with the Ipopt in the debian
packages, and I have run into an issue with the user callback
functionality. When the user callback needs the constraint function "g", we
have to shift the value by the right hand side. We use the following code
to do this:

  const Index* c_pos = tnlp_adapter->P_c_g_->ExpandedPosIndices();
  Index n_c_no_fixed = tnlp_adapter->P_c_g_->NCols();
  for (Index i=0; i<n_c_no_fixed; i++) {
    g_[c_pos[i]] += tnlp_adapter->c_rhs_[i];

The problem is this code requires IpExpansionMatrix.hpp, which is not in
the -dev package. I suspect it might also be missing from headers generated
by "make install".

Is the correct solution here to add the missing header to the packages? Or
is there a better way to access the "true" intermediate constraint value?

Thank you!
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