[Ipopt] Status of precompiled binaries on project homepage

Steimel, Jochen Jochen.Steimel at bci.tu-dortmund.de
Mon Mar 3 15:00:01 EST 2014

Dear all,

i want to gather some information regarding the state of the precompiled binaries. The following files can be found on the webpage

[ ]Ipopt-3.11.1-mac-osx-x86_64-gcc4.5.3.tgz	15-Jun-2013 08:42 	4.5M	 
[ ]Ipopt-3.11.1-win32-cl16ifort13.1.zip	        15-Jun-2013 08:42 	8.1M	 
[ ]Ipopt-3.11.1-win64-intel13.1.zip	        15-Jun-2013 08:42 	9.9M	 
[ ]Ipopt-3.11.3-win32win64-matlabmexfiles.zip	30-Aug-2013 18:05 	3.6M	 

There are some problems with these files for me. None of these files contain a ipopt.dll to which i can dynamically link. When i download the following file 

[ ]Ipopt-3.11.0-Win32-Win64-dll.7z	24-May-2013 14:49 	7.0M	 

extract it, and use lib\Win32\ReleaseMKL\ipopt-vc10.dll in my project i get the following error, when specifying linear_solver="ma57" (with MUMPS everything works fine):

Exception of type: OPTION_INVALID in file "..\..\..\src\Algorithm\IpAlgBuilder.c
pp" at line 343:
 Exception message: Selected linear solver MA57 not available.
Tried to obtain MA57 from shared library "libhsl..dll", but the following error
loadLib error: Do not know how to handle shared libraries on this operating syst

When i download this file, everything works fine (MUMPS and MA57):
[ ]Ipopt-3.9.2-win32-win64-dll.7z	19-Sep-2011 20:02 	7.2M	 

Can anybody tell me what happened during releases? 
Why was the version 3.11.0 build without support for the dynamic library loader?
Why is the ipopt*.dll file not included in the newer releases?
When is the next binary release scheduled and could this again included a .dll for Windows systems?

I would be really grateful to receive some insight on this problems. Right now everything works fine with IPOPT 3.9.2, but i would like to use the newer version with the HSL routines. I would also be very thankful for a compiled binary for windows of IPOPT 3.11.0 or above.

Jochen Steimel

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