[Ipopt] speed up function evaluation

erwan jolivet wanjolivet at yahoo.fr
Fri Jan 10 14:12:20 EST 2014

I used IPOPT to solve a convex QP with linear constraint. I manage it 
with C++ interface and solution is correct but function evaluation is 
time consuming. It seems to me that evaluation of the hessian of the 
jacobian is espicially too long whereas it is constant for such type of 

I try to define the column and row index and non zeros value in class 
variable in the get_nlp_info method of the interface and in eval_h i 
just copy in iRow, jRow and value variable. But it doesn t work, to have a correct solution i have to made a std::copy of my member pointer data my_col, my_row and my_value. I don't understand why and i do not save 
time with a memory copy.

My first question: Is it a good way ta save time in fcntion evaluation, in particular for convex QP?
My Second quastion: Why it need to perform a memory  copy from my pointer of the pointer of the interface

I appreciate your help.

Best regards,
Erwan Jolivet
Biomehcanical ingeneer.
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