[Ipopt] Ipopt + MA27 compiled for Visual Studio 2008

Tony Kelman kelman at berkeley.edu
Fri Jan 10 09:06:58 EST 2014

As I mentioned in the ticket, the HSL license unfortunately does not allow 
redistribution. What you're asking for would violate that license.

It should be possible, with a few extra steps, to use a MinGW DLL with 
Visual Studio. Did you try using dumpbin to generate a .def file from the 
dll, then a .lib from the .def?

Someone who has Intel Fortran may be able to send you a MSVC/ifort Ipopt dll 
that was compiled with MUMPS. I'd be curious to hear if anyone has done 
this, I don't think it's currently possible using the autotools but maybe it 
is doable using the Visual Studio project files.

There's also the option of compiling Ipopt without any linear solver (you 
can do this with Visual Studio compiler and autotools if you use compile_f2c 
for Blas and Lapack, as I described in the ticket) and using the linear 
solver loader functionality. Ipopt can load HSL linear solvers (MA27 or 
others) dynamically at runtime if it can find a libhsl.dll library.

Jonathan, did you make much progress towards providing a pre-compiled 
libhsl.dll download from the HSL site for Windows users?


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I send you this mail because I did not identify any independent technical 
solution allowing me to reach my goal.

Here's my goal : I want to use IPOPT compiled with MA27 as a DLL used in 
Miscrosoft Visual Studio 2008.

Unfortunately this IPOPT version (with MA27) is not available in the binary 
repository (http://www.coin-or.org/download/binary/Ipopt/)

Since I do not have Intel Fortran compiler , I tried to recompile the 
sources IPOPT MA27 + with MinGW / Msys . This has been long and arduous but 
thanks to the help of some contributors IPOPT, I managed to achieve my goal 
(https://projects.coin-or.org/Ipopt/ticket/227). BUT I quickly realized that 
the DLL compiled via MinGW were not compatible with Visual Studio 2008 

Therefore, I have no choice : I have to use a version of IPOPT DLL compiled 
with Visual Studio 2008.

As I do not have Intel Fortran and Intel suite ( MKL ) compiler, I can not 
make this compilation myself.

My last chance is to ask to this mailing list if someone can compile IPOPT 
with MA27 and send it by email (win32_x86)

Thank you.

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