[Ipopt] Unknown File Exception

Tony Kelman kelman at berkeley.edu
Tue Feb 4 23:44:03 EST 2014

There are a few places that can occur in 
 - during the IpoptApplication constructor, initialization, or while running 
the optimization. Most likely it's an exception from somewhere in one of the 
objective, constraint, or gradient callbacks. If you use a newer version of 
Ipopt, 3.11.5 or newer, you can set RethrowNonIpoptException to true (after 
the line in Psopt that creates "SmartPtr<IpoptApplication> app = new 
IpoptApplication();" you can set "app->RethrowNonIpoptException(true);") 
which should result in the original exception being rethrown, unless it was 
occurring in the IpoptApplication constructor.


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I am using Ipopt 3.9.3 from Psopt.

In a problem I try to solve, I get this error message:

"Exception of type: IpoptException in file "Unknown File" at line -1:
Exception message: Unknown Exception caught in Ipopt"

Any ideas where I should look to resolve this issue?

Best wishes

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