[Ipopt] Warm start in Ipopt in C++

Panos Lambrianides panos at soe.ucsc.edu
Wed Dec 31 15:13:17 EST 2014

Hello everyone,

Happy new year.

I was wondering if anyone on the list would be kind enough to send me some
sample code or point me to a sample of how to do a warm start in Ipopt
using the C++ interface.  I couldn't find anything online.

I am doing large scale GPU optimization and sometimes the GPUs hang and I
have to restart.  In particular I am interested about how to save all the
metadata so that Ipopt can restart from the latest termination point.

Warmest wishes,
Panos Lambrianides
panos at soe.ucsc.edu
(415) 713-6718 (Cell)
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