[Ipopt] release madopt c++/python modelling

Karsten Lehmann Karsten.Lehmann at nicta.com.au
Sun Dec 14 20:31:15 EST 2014

Hi fans (and foes) of Ipopt,
wanna to announce the initial public release of

Madopt = Modelling and Automatic Differentiation for Optimisation

It is a c++/python modelling interface for Bonmin and Ipopt and it implements (c++):
- expression building using operator overloading. Currently supported operators are +, +=, *, *=, /, -, pow, sin ,cos, tan.
- automatic differentiation for expressions.
- an interface to the solvers Ipopt and Bonmin.
- a python wrapper using cython (http://cython.org/).

Examples and Code can be found here:

It works fine for all my use cases, but of course there could still be some bugs.



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