[Ipopt] Raw pointer from the IPOPT::SmartPtr

Alex Tătulea tatulea.alex at gmail.com
Fri Mar 8 10:20:28 EST 2013

Hello verybody,

I hope you could help me with a hint for the following problem. I have
extended the TNLP class with a public member (a structure) which I use to
store additional data for my problem. And obviously I have a SmartPtr<TNLP>
which I use to call the solver. My problem is that I would somehow like to
acces the public member of the derived class, and that is not possible with
this smart pointer.

How could I get a pointer of the derived class type, which points to the
same underlying object, and with which I could modify data for my problem?

Thanks in advance for any tipps or ideas. Have a nice weekend!!

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