[Ipopt] Ipopt release 3.11.1

Stefan Vigerske stefan at math.hu-berlin.de
Fri Jun 14 10:33:51 EDT 2013


I just created a new Ipopt maintenance release.

Here is a list of changes (r1234 stands for a related svn changeset, 
#123 for a ticket number in the trac bugtracking system):

- the setup for the v8-ifort MSVS project changed to use dynamic runtime
   DLLs instead of static linking, which caused crashes in debug mode
   (by M. Roelofs) [r2301]
- fixed memory leaks in Java Interface (by javier) [#200, r2312]
- fixed bug in ipopt_auxdata of MATLAB Interface related to iterfunc
   (by T. Kelman) [r2325]
- updates and fixes to MA77 and MA87 interfaces,
   adding support of HSL 2013 codes (by J. Hogg);
   HSL 2012 is still supported when compiled with Ipopt, but the linear
   solver loader to dynamically load a HSL library at runtime now
   assumes HSL 2013
- added option ma97_solve_blas3 (by J. Hogg) [r2329]
- changed default for option ma27_meminc_factor from 10.0 to 2.0 [r2330]

The source tarballs should be available tomorrow.


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