[Ipopt] How to compile a .DLL on Windows 7 with MINGW

Steimel, Jochen Jochen.Steimel at bci.tu-dortmund.de
Fri Aug 23 03:51:25 EDT 2013

Dear all,


i am trying to compile a Windows .DLL of IPOPT to use in my own modeling
environment. Right now, I am using the precompiled binary but it seems
to me that the included MUMPS Solver is not ideal for the problems I
need to get solved.


I decided to compile the IPOPT sourcecode in order to get access to the
HSL Solvers MA27 and MA57. I followed the steps in the manuscript
"Compiling IPopt and the Ipopt MATLAB interace under Windows".


I run a Windows 7 single-core 32-bit system. 

I have installed MinGW 20111118

I downloaded the most recent IPOPT sourcecode and tried several other

I obtained all required third-party code


When in run the configure script with "-enable-shared" I get the error
message "Error: Shared libraries are not avaiblable on MSYS. I am
disabling your option"


After running the make scripts I obtain the file "ipopt.exe" (which, as
I assume,  contains the AMPL interface) but no DLL.


So my question is: Is it possible to compile a Windows DLL of IPOPT on
MINGW in order to get access to the HSL solvers, or am I restricted to
using MUMPS forever?


I have also tried installing CYGWIN, but here I am not able to get all
compilers and subprograms running. Is there a tutorial for setting up
Cygwin for the compilation of IPOPT?



Jochen Steimel

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