[Ipopt] Conditional branch in eval_constraints - Runtime error (IPOPT with ADOL-C)

Vimanyu Jain vimanyu87 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 27 23:02:33 EDT 2013

I am using ADOL-C with IPOPT on one of my physically based animation
projects where I have an objective function and physically based
constraints. I am using the sparse version of ADOL-C 64 bit, and IPOPT
64bit on Windows.
Things run okay, till I add a conditional branch in my eval_constraints.

I definitely need an "if statement" in my constraints, and the condition is
evaluated based on the values of x.

I get the following warning in the terminal before the program crashes

*ADOL-C Warning: Branch switch detected in com*
*Forward sweep aborted! Retaping recommended!*

And my block of problematic code (in eval_constraints) looks like this -

if( x[i] <= 0.0) // it errors out as soon as I add any condition
fext(i) = 10;
//fext(i) += kContact* x[i];

Does this mean that we cant have conditonal branching in eval_constraints
or eval_objectives?
Am I doing something wrong?

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