[Ipopt] Different result depending on running environment.

Verhoeven, Ronald Ronald.Verhoeven at nlr.nl
Sun Oct 21 17:32:18 EDT 2012

Hello Nuno,

I have encountered the same problem, when I was using ipopt as part of psopt.

I found that the problem is caused by the vs2008 "Optimization" settings of 2 projects when building the ipopt solution. If "Optimization" for the release version of the "CoinBlas" project and the "CoinMumpsF90" project is disabled when building the ipopt lib, the problem was solved!

See also https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/psopt-users-group/be_wPvYTM9k

I hope this may help you.

Regards, Ronald.

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I'm trying to figure out why does my application behave differently depending whether it runs inside visual studio (debugging - F5) or outside visual studio (without debugging CTRL+F5).
When debugging, the program succeeds, and when not debugging it exceeds the maximum number of iterations.

Anyone has any idea?
(Note: these observations are independent of compiling with debug or release configuration)



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