[Ipopt] Debug binaries for IPOPT 3.10 do not work with VS10

Stefan Brugger stefan.brugger at autoform.ch
Thu Oct 18 06:59:25 EDT 2012

Hello everybody,

I working on a Win7 machine with VS2012. I downloaded the IPOPT binaries for version 3.10 and tried to use it in with the BinaryDLL-Link--Example. I could perfectly run the example with VS2005 (debug+release), i.e. with the VS8 DLLs. I get dubious access violation errors when trying to run the example with VS2012 and the VS10 DLLs in debug mode. The release versions are working fine for me. 

So could you maybe supply DLLs for VS10 which work in debug mode?

Best regards,
Stefan Brugger

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