[Ipopt] Ipopt release 3.10.3

Stefan Vigerske stefan at math.hu-berlin.de
Mon Nov 19 14:24:54 EST 2012


I just created a new Ipopt maintenance release.

Here is a list of changes (r1234 stands for a related svn changeset, 
#123 for a ticket number in the trac bugtracking system):

- minor fixes in MA86 interface (by Jonathan Hogg) [r2069, r2086]
- fix in IpTripletToCSRConverter for CSR forms with extra entries (by
   Jonathan Hogg) [r2087]
- workaround problems with MacOSX-Lion's blas library
   (by Frederic Hetch) [r2102, #181]
- the C interface now catches also Ipopt exceptions thrown within the
   OptimizeTNLP call and returns Ipopt::Unrecoverable_Exception as
   status [r2094, #144]
- fixed segmentation fault in adaptive barrier parameter update rule
   when using the mehrotra option on unconstrained problems [r2114, #114]
- fixed segmentation fault in case no iterate is available in case of
   catastrophic failure in restoration phase [r2115]
- fixed default for mumps_dep_tol to work with current Mumps versions
- fixed sign of dual values in AMPL solution [r2123, #183]
- fixed issue with sparse gradients in Matlab interface (by T. Kelman)
   [r2133, #187]
- sIPOPT (by H. Pirnay):
   - starting values in C++ version of parametric example now
     match AMPL version [r2098]
   - numerical values in parametric example now match publication [r2099]
   - added options n_sens_steps and sens_boundcheck as AMPL options
   - any non-zero suffix value is now accepted for sens_init_constr
   - fix typo in AMPL interface (by Weifeng Chen) [r2110]
   - fix bug when compiling without AMPL interface [r2113]
- build system:
   - updated instruction on using nowadays HSL sources (by T. Kelman)
   - fixed issue with libdir being <prefix>/lib64
- other minor fixes


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