[Ipopt] Issue using Matlab interface

Tony Kelman kelman at berkeley.edu
Tue Nov 6 08:54:48 EST 2012


Is your problem constrained? If so, you need to provide a Jacobian structure 
function in funcs.jacobianstructure. The error you're seeing indicates that 
function was unable to evaluate for some reason. See lines 245-246 of 

What happens in Matlab when you call funcs.jacobianstructure() ?


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Subject: [Ipopt] Issue using Matlab interface


I successfully installed Ipopt with Matlab interface.  When I try to use 
ipopt in my code I have this exception:
Matlab exception:
*** Error using Ipopt Matlab interface: ***
There was an error when getting the structure of the Jacobian matrix from 

info = status: -101

Thanks for your help,

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