[Ipopt] IPOPT interface for FreeFem++

Sylvain Auliac auliac at ann.jussieu.fr
Wed May 16 08:34:49 EDT 2012

Dear IPOPT users,

We have developed an interface allowing to use IPOPT through the FreeFem++ software.

FreeFem++ is a high level, open source, integrated development environment (IDE) for numerically solving partial differential equations. Mainly developed by Frederic Hecht at the Jacques-Louis Lions laboratory (Paris VI), It is the ideal tool for teaching the finite element method but it is also perfect for research to quickly test new ideas or multi-physics and complex applications.
==> the freefem web page

The interface comes with some documentation elements as well as a few coded examples. If someone happens to use it, I would be glad to get some feedback, especially if there are some interface related bugs, or if you think the subset of directly available options has to be extended, etc...

Best regards,

Sylvain Auliac
Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions
Université Pierre et Marie Curie
mail: auliac at ann.jussieu.fr
tel : 01 44 27 71 70

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