[Ipopt] segmentation fault with new ipopt version

Frank Kampas fkampas at msn.com
Mon Jan 16 13:42:18 EST 2012

I’ve had a similar problem. 
As a workaround,  I’ve been adding a constraint, that the first variable is <= its upper bound, when there are no constraints.

From: Arturo Padilla Bernedo 
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Subject: [Ipopt] segmentation fault with new ipopt version


I used Ipopt about 2 year ago both through AMPL and c++. Now I have a new computer with a new Ipopt installation and  I can not run my old code through c++. I'm also using lapackpp, I can compile without problems but when I run the executable file I got a "segmentation fault". In my optimization problem I do not have constraints.

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