[Ipopt] Convergence Problem!!!

Juan Carlos Lopez Alfonso jc.atlantis at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 16:06:24 EST 2012

Hi Edson:

Thank you for your answer, It is very useful. Please, let me explain in
more details my problem. I am working in a very big optimization problem,
but in order to simplify I have created a reduced example for test in my
laptop. I have implemented my problem in Matlab and IPopt with C++ for
checking the results. I have compared the results obtained for each method
(functional/constraint evaluation, gradient of the functional/constraint
and hessian of the functional) for matlab and Ipopt, which are the same.
However, in matlab the minimum of the functional is achieved in 20
iterations, while in C++ the iterations do not converge and execute a lot
of iterations.

Please, could you give me any suggestion?
Best regrads
Juan Carlos
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