[Ipopt] problems installing pardiso

Juan Carlos Lopez Alfonso jc.atlantis at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 18:17:18 EST 2012

Hi all,

I need some help to install pardiso with Ipopt.
I have download pardiso from the official web site, and I have these
files: libpardiso412-GNU443-MPI-X86-64.so and the .lic file (together
in the same folder, for example

I have run the configure file with this parameter extracted from the
documentation of Ipopt:

./configure --with-pardiso="-qsmp=omp

with the address where I put the pardiso library. But I have this error:

works... configure: error: Pardiso library -qsmp=omp
does not seem to work

Please, could anyone give more detailed steps to instal Ipopt with Pardiso?
Thank you in advance
Juan Carlos

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