[Ipopt] Some issues about JIpopt usage

Alberto Calzada albertocalsa at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 10:20:33 EST 2012

Dear List,

First of all, many thanks for providing this great tool to solve non-linear
constrained optimisation problems in Java. I have found the use of this
interface easy and even enjoyable! Good job!

However, I have found a couple of issues...

The first one: I am working in a big project Eclipse and I really don't
know why (even if I execute the hs071.java class without any issue at all)
I can't execute my class, which has been already implemented!
I keep on having the runtime error "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
org/coinor/Ipopt". I have checked it and both the DLL file (for Win32) and
also the JIpopt JAR are included in the JAR of my project so I don't know
what can I do! I have cleaned my project, restated Eclipse and I always get
this error... Any ideas?
I am working on a Windows7 64-bits computer. Could that be the problem?

My second issue is regarding how can I get the optimal solution for my
problem variables retrieved by JIpopt. I need to assign those values to my
decision making scheme, but I haven't found any method in the Ipopt class
or in the hs071 example.

I hope to hear from you soon,
Many thanks,
Best regards,



*Mr Alberto Calzada
Full-time PhD Candidate*

*Room 16J25 *

*School of Computing and Mathematics
Faculty of Computing and Engineering*

*University of Ulster at Jordanstown Campus
Northern Ireland, UK
Email: Calzada-A at email.ulster.ac.uk*

*Tel:  +44 28 90361114 *
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