[Ipopt] A Question about writing out CPU time of IPOPT using AMPL

Andreas Waechter awaechter.iems at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 05:52:42 EDT 2012


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The standard Ipopt output level shows the Ipopt time at the end:

Total CPU secs in IPOPT (w/o function evaluations)   =      0.008
Total CPU secs in NLP function evaluations           =      0.000

You can set "print_timing_statistics=yes" to see a more detailed 
breakdown of the CPU time.

Andreas Waechter

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On 08/24/2012 09:35 PM, Xing Li wrote:
> Dear Prof. Waechter,
> Many thanks for your reading my email.
> I am using Ipopt through AMPL to solve a realtime Smart Grid 
> optimization problem and I would like to get the CPU time of ipopt 
> when solving each optimization problem. When using CPLEX, it can be 
> easily done by a directive named "timing" and by setting it to 
>  "cplex_options ' timing = 1'; ". However, I didn't find any commends 
> like this in the COIN-IN IPOPT AMPL commands. Therefore, I would like 
> to hear your suggestions on the writing out the ipopt CPU time.
> Best Regards and Thank you very much!
> -- 
> Xing Li
> 8/25/2012
> B.S.E 2012/**Industrial and Operations Engineering/
> University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
> B.S.E 2012 /Electrical and Computer Engineering/
> Shanghai Jiao Tong University - Shanghai
> xingli at umich.edu <mailto:xingli at umich.edu>| _734.531.8872_ | 
> http://ioe.engin.umich.edu/

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