[Ipopt] abort trap

Sylvain Auliac auliac at ann.jussieu.fr
Thu Apr 5 12:27:41 EDT 2012

I'm testing an interface i have written for ipopt in our software. Toy-test problems work fine, we also have a medium scale quadratic one who's running with no problem. I'm also trying to debug with a minimal surface problem with volume and simple bounds constraints. This one is nonlinear on every sides, IPOPT often succeed in finding a local minima (~half of the times) but on the other half, it crashs with no indication except an "abort trap" console message. When it happens, I see it has some difficulties because before stopping, it tries to perform a lot of line searchs and the optimization variables start oscillating around the last best solution found. Then the "r" appears right to the iteration number... and then the dreadfull message. On some very rare attempts, I get a restoration phase related error message.

The last function called in the debugger was in IpRestoMinC_1Nrm.cpp:354... 

Is there a way to catch the error and prevent the program to stop? I'd love to be able to get back the last values of the variables or things like that ...

Best regards,,

Sylvain Auliac
Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions
Université Pierre et Marie Curie
mail: auliac at ann.jussieu.fr
tel : 01 44 27 71 70

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