[Ipopt] Run Ipopt precompiled dlls under vc10

Werner Jürgen TU Ilmenau juergen.werner at tu-ilmenau.de
Mon Oct 17 04:42:08 EDT 2011

Hi Marcel,

Thank you for the information!                I missed the README.TXT when I first tried out the DLL. Quite unexpected.

What is maybe interesting for Roman also is that one can still use the plain C interface of the DLL with MSVC 2010,
I was able to run the hs071 example in C without any problems.



Marcel Roelofs
Tue Sep 27 03:36:14 EDT 2011

Hi Roman,

In order to support MSVC 2010, I've split the 3.9.2 version of the precompiled dll's into a dll containing the Fortran code
(IpoptFSS39.dll) and a dll containing the C++ code (Ipopt39.dll) linked against IpoptFSS39.dll, because MSVC 2010 creates
binary incompatible C++ code, but the C/Fortran code is still compatible. So you can't use the precompiled Ipopt39.dll because
it will crash on the first call into it from your MSVC 2010 compiled executable, but if you recompile Ipopt39.dll with MSVC 2010
then it will work without any problems when combined with IpoptFSS39.dll. Effectively, this means that if you have MSVC 2010,
you still don't need a Fortran compiler to use Ipopt but you have to do a tiny bit more work :)

Hope that helps.


Marcel Roelofs
Paragon Decision Technology
Developers of AIMMS

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