Stefan Vigerske stefan at math.hu-berlin.de
Wed Nov 23 12:22:38 EST 2011


> I have a simple question. Were the binary files compiled with MUMPS linear
> solver?


> Because when I run an example says: "You are using Ipopt by default
> with the MUMPS linear solver" Where in the home page of IPOPT they talk
> about this?

Not sure what you mean by "this", maybe here:

> On the other hand, If I want to use PARDISO, I need to recompile this
> library or are there forms to use the precompiled binary files to do this?
> because I have a free licence for PARDISO and I want to use it.

Depends probably on the binary that you use.
If it includes the linear solver loader, then Ipopt may be able to load 
the pardiso library dynamically at runtime:
For the libraries in the *-dll.* archives, I do not know whether this 
feature is included, for the others it should be.


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