[Ipopt] Linear Constraints at Ipopt

Andreas Waechter andreasw at watson.ibm.com
Tue Mar 22 11:35:57 EDT 2011


I don't think that telling Ipopt which constraints are linear makes a 
difference at this point, Ipopt is not taking advantage of this knowledge 
If I remember correctly, we added this feature in the interface for the 
Bonmin MINLP code.


On Tue, 22 Mar 2011, Stefan Vigerske wrote:

> Hi,
>> I am working about a problem optimization wich has linear constraints. I
>> have implemented these constraints like as the other (nonlinear) constraints
>> using C++ interface (in methods eval_g and eval_jac_g of my TNLP class).
>> However, I have saw, in the TNLP class, there is a method for constraints
>> linearity (get_constraints_linearity). I would like to ask if is possible
>> implementing my linear constraints using this method (instead of implemeting
>> in eval_g). If yes, do I need include these constraints in the jacobian
>> information, or the first derivative of these constraints is gotten in a
>> automatic way? Again if yes, there is any convergence advantage in codifying
>> at this way?
> No, you need to implement linear constraints in eval_g and eval_jac_g.
> The method get_constraints_linearity is just to tell Ipopt which
> constraints are linear, so it can safe some computations by knowing that
> for these constraints the gradient does not change (I guess).
>> I am sorry if is a dummie question, but there is no example using the method
>> get_constraints_linearity...
> For each constraint i, i=0,...,m-1, you have to set
> const_types[i] to Ipopt::TNLP::LINEAR, of constraint i is linear, or
> Ipopt::TNLP::NON+LINEAR otherwise.
> You may also implement get_variables_linearity to tell Ipopt which
> variables appear only in linear parts of constraints and objective.
> Stefan
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